$50.00 USD

Have you ever considered getting an unbiased evaluation of your play or screenplay?

Kat Sparks is a theatre director and an award-winning writer (plays and screenplays).  She has been doing script coverage since 1992: first for a private film production company in Los Angeles and then for a recognizable coverage company in New York. 

Since 2017 she has provided evaluations for the largest, top film festival competition in the United States, as well as extensive coverage year-round. Since they opened a stageplay division she has participated extensively in those evaluations as well. 

As the co-founder and director of Southwest Theatre Productions (SWTP) Kat has reviewed hundreds and hundreds of plays.  In the last two years of SWTP's playwriting competition, Kat has selected winning plays and coached writers, watching their scripts win subsequent play competitions.  In 2018 Kat was selected to be one of Queens Theatre New York's "New American Voices," for playwriting, and has won multiple film competitions.  She was surprised to find a lot of support for screenwriting but very little for stage plays. 

Have you ever wondered...

1. What theatre producers are looking for?

2. What the first impression of your script is, and why or why not it receives further consideration?

3.  What you should point out in the introduction of your script that will increase your chances of it getting read?

A sample of what Kat will share with you in her review:

**What makes a stageplay producible?  If most playwrights knew what stopped their script from receiving a full stage production, they would willingly make these (typically) simple changes.  Kat will let you know what may be stopping yours. 

**The current trends (length, topic, style, genre).   For example:  Why some theatre companies prefer One Acts as opposed to Two Acts. 

**She'll recommend what type of theatre would be a good fit for your story. For example:  Some theatres want farce for a reason.  Now you'll know why. 

Kat is only able to accept 2 or 3 scripts per month.  First, send her an email (swtproductions@gmx.com) to see if she has an opening for your script review.  She'll immediately reply before you pay a fee and let you know what schedule she can put you on.  The turnaround for your script start-to-finish is a maximum of 3 days from the day you're scheduled (NOT 3 days after you submit). Once you both agree the timeline is doable, you'll submit your script and pay the fee.  


Reading a two-hour play from someone you don't know, then spending several hours writing an evaluation, is a commitment and, unfortunately, as much as we love and support the arts, it can't realistically be done solely for the love of the creative medium. The fee is $50 for this basic review.  

Once you receive your review you're welcome to ask questions or gain further clarification at no charge.  If it becomes "coaching" (more than one set of Q&A) you can talk about what that mutual commitment will look like at that time. Kat respects writers and genuinely wants to see them succeed. Feel free to send her an email with any questions:  swtproductions@gmx.com.

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